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Character Word of the Month

Our Character word of the month for April is Honesty. Honesty is choosing to be truthful in what one does and says. Being honest means you admit to your actions, even if you'll get in trouble. You are not being honest if deny you did something wrong when you really did it. Honesty means you explain how a situation really happened. You are not being honest if you say something happened one way when it really happened another way. Being honest means you act in a way that you know is the right thing to do.


Congratulations to March's students of the month:
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People Who Grew Up in Skagway - 2014-15 J-High Students Movie on NPS Website 

2016-17 Announcement of Teaching Position Vacancies 

School District's Vision

In partnership with educators, family and community; Skagway School District will provide rich and rigorous academics that ensure all students will succeed in their education and work.

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