Darren Belisle, Treasurer
Darren Belisle is the treasurer of the Skagway School Board. He is a past present of the school board and has been on the board for, as he stated “A long time.”  Darren attended high school in Riverdale, North Dakota.  He then attended college at North Dakota State College and earned a degree in wildlife biology.  Darren is 45 years old and wants to make a difference for the children of Skagway and ensure they are getting the best education they can.  Mr. Belisle would like to find more ways to keep the programs currently offered Skagway students and also find ways to expand into more programs.  He is married to Marla and has four boys (Rory , Cory, Colton, and Wyatt).  Darren is the manager of the Skagway AP&T Property and has a firm belief that education is the best resource we can offer our children.  He is a big supporter of any activity that will help the child grow mentally or socially.  Darren stated, “I think that social interaction is just as important as a good education, this is where they learn the skills needed to succeed in life.”

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