Cara Cosgrove, Vice-President
Cara Cosgrove’s vision for Skagway School is that we are relentless in challenging every child to achieve their personal academic best.  She views our high faculty to student ratio as an asset which can allow for teacher awareness of, and responsiveness to each individual student’s specific capabilities.  Cara and Bruce Weber have three children; Quinn, Logan, Alexandra, and they own Kirmse’s gallery in downtown Skagway.  

“Parenting has been the most rewarding and fascinating adventure of my life.  As a school board member, I hope to promote a comprehensive awareness within our community, of Skagway student academic rankings when compared to the nation and to encourage growth on that front so that our children are prepared to compete in the world job market and at major universities.”

The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper. 
Eden Phillpotts

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