Rick Hess

Mr. Hess   


Technology And Operations Director                                     

  • Bachelor of Science Electronic Engineering                                                                                                 

Rick started his career working for General Electric Medical Systems after completing his schooling in electronics engineering. He then spent a number of years in the computer disk drive industry working in various positions including Technical Marketing, R&D Management, and Quality Engineering. His last job prior to moving to Skagway, Alaska involved IT management at a telecommunications company. Rick joined the school staff in March of 2005. He has always liked fixing things, which is why he enjoys working at the school. Given the small size of the district and limited personnel, the range of tasks at the school covers just about every aspect of maintenance and technology. This provides a lot of variety and very little routine. Being able to plan, manage, and be directly involved with the resolution of day-to-day issues as well as larger projects is very satisfying. He especially enjoys the hands-on part of the task. This aspect had been missing from many of his more recent career assignments. Rick enjoys hiking, backpacking, skiing and traveling.